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 Become a Medical Mercenary today, and put your passion to work!

We are Recruiting 

We are currently recruiting New York & New Jersey licensed RNs, LPN, and CNAs, for per diem staffing. Once you've been onboarded with us you can pick up unfilled shifts at a number of New York hospitals, nursing homes, and urgent care/clinics, that have partnered with us.
Come join our team of skilled, experienced, and professional providers, that care about what they do and are compassionate about the patients they serve. Facilities are in need of you. Help close the nursing shortage gap by filling healthcare facilities' vacant shifts, when you're available.
Not licensed in NY or NJ? That's okay. Connect with us, so we can update you when
we expand into additional states.

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As a job seeker, apply today to join our team of experienced and skilled patient care providers. 


Go through the onboarding process for one facility or for multiple, its up to you. The more facilities we onboard you with the more options you will have to pick shifts from. 


Once you are cleared you will get access to the scheduling system to put in your available days & times to work. If one of your onboarded facilities has an open shift on a day you're available, you can sign-up to work the shift or if your availability matches a request we will contact you to confirm you are available to work. Once confirmed, arrive at the facility, clock in remotely through the app and work the shift. Thats it. 

      GET PAID

Once you are done working the shift and have clocked out remotely through the app, we'll confirm your timesheet with the facilty. You then get paid WEEKLY!!!

Oh and don't forget to tell a friend how awesome and easy it is to cover staffing with Medical Mercenaries.


Medical Mercenaries was established by healthcare providers like you, that have worked in various float and per diem positions for years, at various facilities. Working per diem allows for more personal and professional freedom.  Shift flexibility coupled with the ability to make higher wages is the perfect match. As healthcare professionals, that have worked in this capacity and reaped the benefits, we know you can as well. We understand what you're looking for. Whether it's total work week flexibility or the opportunity to pick up an extra shift here and there for some extra cash, we're here to help you accomplish your mission. Join us and take control of your future today!

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