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What type of staff do we offer?
- We recruit supplemental/per-diem-based RNs, LPNs, and CNAs. We fully vet all staff so they are ready for shift placement at your facility.

What are the benefits of per diem staff?
- Supplementing your staff with per diem workers allows you the flexibility to staff based on your needs. Bring in more staff as your shortages increase or bring in less as your staffing improves. No need to be locked into long-term staffing contracts as things improve.

Is someone from the agency available 24/7 for staff requests?
- If you call and don't get an immediate answer, please leave a message that states your staffing requests and someone will get back to you at least 2 hours before the shift you are looking to staff is set to start, with the information of the healthcare professional(s) that will be deployed to your facility.

-If you know what your staffing needs will be ahead of time we can pre-schedule staff to be deployed to you on the day and shift you requested.

Which types of healthcare facilities do we provide staff to?
We can provide staff to the following healthcare facilities:
-Nursing Homes
-Clinics/Urgent Cares

Which states do you currently service?
-We are currently recruiting staff and partnering with healthcare facilities in the state of New York. However, if you fill out the basic "contact us" info, at the bottom of the home page, we will add you to our contact list, so you can be updated on when we expand into additional states. 


Keep your facility running safely by partnering with us to ensure you have adequate staff to care for your patients. When you partner with us you get access to a pool of experienced and skilled patient care providers. When the need for staff arises, be prepared. Fill out a facility request form and partner with us today.

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