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      Your Medical Mercenary is just around the corner.


Let Us Do The Recruiting For You.

Nursing Recruitment for Facilities

What Kind Of Workforce Assistance
Does Your Facility Need?

Healthcare Workers


Need supplemental staff on a shift-by-shift basis? We have a pool of patient-care providers ready to pick up your vacant shifts.

Nice Nurse


Do a trial run before you commit. See if a current per-diem provider could be the next permanent addition to your facility workforce team.

Male Nurse


Let us do the recruiting for you. Tell us what you're looking for in an ideal employee, and we'll find the perfect candidate for you to hire.

Our Onboarding Requirements 

Minimum 2 years of clinical experience
Competency Assessment
PPD or chest x-ray 
(within last 12months)
Active NYS nursing license
Physical & Health Exam
(within last 12 months)
Drug Screen
Applicable certifications 
(BLS required)
Immunization Record
Background Check
I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification
COVID-19 Vaccination
Reference Checks

If your facility requires additional onboarding documents just let us know. Fill out a request form today and let us help you find the healthcare professional you're looking for. We look forward to hearing from you.


We understand the staffing challenges that many facilities are facing today. Even with the assistance of contracted travel nurses, many facilities are still left with multiple vacant staff slots, from shift to shift. Medical Mercenaries is here to bridge your staffing shortage gap with experienced and skilled healthcare professionals. Partner with us and gain access to a pool of patient care professionals, available when you need them most. Submit a facility request form and let us help you fill your staffing needs, one shift at a time.

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